A fully equipped agency-backed experiential and events team. Ready for anything.

When Blokhaus does events, we make an impact.

Backed by a full-stack agency, the Blokhaus events team is strategic and nimble, creating immersive experiences with a wow factor. A targeted activation to support a product launch? No problem. A global conference integrated with a creative campaign, paid media, and on-site content capture? Yup, that too.
  • Experiential Strategy
  • Creative Ideation & Design
  • Production
  • Vendor Relations
  • On-Site Coordination
  • Digital Activations
  • Promotion & PR Comms
  • Content Capture Studio
  • App Development
  • Website Design & Build

Events for artists, developers, tech heads and fanatics: we’ve done it all.

At the forefront of tech and culture, Blokhaus has the strategic insights to pull off dazzling experiences. Also, we’re fun.

What takes groundbreaking tech to the next level? Immersive experiences. In a digital world, in-person human connection creates brand loyalty in a way few other things can.

Our events team has the experience and know-how to orchestrate occasions to excite audiences and create memorable experiences.

Our secret weapon? Blokhaus Events has a resource few others have: an award-winning agency of technical and creative experts. We build apps for experiences because we understand the tech. We execute stunning event identities at every last touchpoint because we’re passionate creatives. We curate speakers and presenters because we’re industry experts. And we strategize and promote event campaigns to build your audience, because, at our core, we’re marketers.

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