Solana x Art Basel 2023

We celebrated the thriving Solana artist ecosystem at the world’s biggest art fair.


Solana partnered with Art Basel to introduce the fine art world to its global ecosystem of artists. This high-level partnership brought patrons, collectors, and brands together to see what’s possible when artists level up their work with software built for ownership, distribution, and a thriving arts conversation.


We conceived of an experience where tech didn’t feel cold, and Solana was able to dimensionalize the people behind the pixels. We executed an Artists in Residence concept, where three artists from around the world came together to paint, code, and interact live from the gallery floor. Artists included the anonymous artist Sleepr, the veteran generative artist, Eko33, and the mixed medium oil painter, Lisanne Haack as well as a half-dozen gallery artists from around the globe.


Solana needed to introduce itself to a digital-savvy art audience with a new message that is, the motivation for the art vertical on Solana is an inherently human one and Solana represents a new medium for human talent to thrive. Solana showed artists and patrons alike a reality where ownership, provenance, and a true peer-to-peer exchange are paramount.

We introduced Solana to the world’s biggest art fair for the first time.

With an exclusive opportunity to capture the Web3 voice at the world’s largest art fair, Solana took the Art Basel Miami Beach scene by introducing a never-before-seen experience showcasing three artists working live within the Solana exhibition.
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We celebrated art through tech, and patrons loved it.

We crafted an exhibition where art and technology became accessible and tangible while keeping the community at the heart of the experience.

We crafted this groundbreaking exhibit with a unique perspective that merged the traditional gallery experience with the dynamic world of creators. The result was not just an art gallery but a living studio. This hybrid space exemplified the boundless potential of human talent across various creative disciplines, blurring the lines between the physical and the digital.


Solana's exhibition, strategically named "Artists in Residence," became a bridge between the tangible and the virtual. Using the transformative power of blockchain technology, we successfully showcased Solana's art vertical as deeply human – a recognition of the new medium that blockchain provides for human talent to flourish – drawing in collectors and artists alike into an ecosystem they had not previously considered accessible. The platform, in essence, acted as a facilitator for this potential, positioning Web3 as an integral part of the artist's journey. The exhibition emphasized that Web3 belongs wherever artists are, fostering collaborations across fine arts, popular culture, fandom, and online ecosystems.


As Art Basel patrons entered Solana's curated space, they were immersed in a sensory experience that challenged conventional notions of art. The exhibit showcased finished pieces and unfolded the live creation of art, spotlighting the human element behind each stroke and pixel. Paired with a holistic comms and paid + organic social media strategy, patrons had opportunities to engage onsite with the brand and opt-in for more information across the campaign landing page, engaging video vignettes and a creator-focused email campaign to continue the important narratives that began in Miami.


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