We built the first-ever NFT souvenir gifting app.


An easy-to-use app that puts digital assets into the hands of attendees at in-person events – no blockchain expertise required.


Our events, creative and dev teams worked together, harnessing the power of the blockchain to create a custom souvenir solution for in-person experiences.


This tool needed to exist. We helped thousands of attendees open their very first crypto wallets and thousands more digital artists promote and share their art with the world.

Blokhaus noticed a lack of accessible Web3 tools, especially at events. So we decided to create one.

It’s a web app where patrons can scan a QR code with their smartphone, and log in with their social account. It takes just a few seconds to create a wallet, and then they're ready to claim their souvenir NFT with one click. Tens of thousands of NFTs have been claimed via the Souvie app already, by attendees at events such as SXSW, Art Basel, and We Are Developers.
  • Emerging Tech
  • UX/UI Research
  • App Deployment
  • Blockchain Tooling
  • Event Production
  • Brand Design

Event swag you’ll actually want to keep.

Since launch, nearly fifty thousand NFTs have been claimed via the Souvie app.

We noticed a particular lack of accessible Web3 tools for wallet creation and NFT distribution. So we decided to create one. What began as a tool for collecting digital artwork at Art Basel, became a real solution for brands looking to distribute digital assets at trade shows, conferences, gallery openings and even... birthday parties.

Souvie is a customizable, turnkey souvenir solution for brands, powered by blockchain technology. Developed and incubated by our developer team, the Souvie app provides a frictionless way for brands to gift NFTs to their customers in seconds.


Strategic Partnerships

When a leading Layer 1 blockchain needed a top-to-bottom rebrand, they came to us.

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