Red Bull Racing

Tezos x Red Bull Racing: The team that’s always on.


An ad spot for the Tezos X Red Bull Racing partnership, telling a story of teamwork, speed, innovation and what it takes to win.


Weeks of planning and a six-hour shoot in London with 2022 Formula One World Champion Max Verstappen got us across the finish line.


Turns out that racing fans are crypto curious. We wanted to show them what a blockchain could do, using their love language: short pit times, seamless upgrades and one of their heroes, Max Verstappen.

Tezos x Red Bull Racing:
The team that’s always on.

The brand partnership between our client Tezos and Formula One racing team Red Bull Racing made perfect sense. With a shared focus on innovation, cutting-edge technology and speed, we knew that the two brands were tailor-made for one another – we just had to find the right story to bring them together.
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Staying ahead of the curve: Cutting-edge blockchain, meet championship-winning race team.

We had six hours to shoot with Formula 1 champion Max Verstappen, in support of Red Bull Racing’s high-profile partnership with advanced self-upgrading blockchain Tezos. To tell the story of a blockchain built to stay ahead of the curve, we framed the ad spot as a day in the life of a championship racing driver, supported by an expert pit crew that was prepped for whatever: supporting, optimizing and upgrading at every step – just like Tezos. The result was ‘The Team That's Always On’, a 60-second ad spot, pitched, developed and delivered entirely by the Blokhaus creative team, working in both the US and UK.


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