Minting NFTs? On WordPress? Groundbreaking.


A simple plugin for WordPress site owners to mint and display NFTs – no blockchain or coding knowledge required.


We imagined a seamless experience where website owners could create NFT galleries easily, straight from the page. We looked to our in-house team's experience in engineering, product management, and design, to bring that vision to life.


We saw an opportunity to give a global community of online creatives the chance to own their creations, and build beautiful NFT galleries exactly where they needed them – on their own websites.

More than 40% of the world’s websites are built on WordPress, in large part because it’s simple and intuitive. Web3 should be simple and intuitive too.


Developed, incubated, and branded by Blokhaus, Minterpress is a plugin for WordPress that lets website owners mint and host eco-friendly NFTs directly from the page – no coding knowledge required. With Minterpress, Web3-curious site owners can easily create galleries of NFTs directly on their Wordpress site.
  • Web3 Product Build
  • Brand Design
  • Blockchain Tooling
  • UX/UI Development

Minterpress gives creators and collectors control over their NFT galleries – no coding knowledge required.

Minterpress was first deployed in November 2022 and joins almost 60,000 plugins currently available for WordPress. With Minterpress, Web3-curious site owners can easily create galleries of NFTs, or simply provide links to NFT marketplaces for customers to purchase their work. We developed Minterpress to empower WordPress users, both by simplifying the process of NFT creation and by giving them control, reducing their reliance on third-party NFT marketplaces.


Web3 Strategy

Shining a light on the best content from a global blockchain ecosystem.

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