HCKR Events

A 'plug-and-pizza' event solution for developers.


HCKR is a pre-packaged developer meet-up brand created to bring people together, wherever they are.


We designed a a tailor-made playbook, designed a dedicated microsite, and provided a ton of tips for successful event planning. In short, we made a killer brand: easy to follow, easy to customize. We released it to our ecosystem partners and watched it thrive.


The blockchain world needed a friendly place to help developers learn and collaborate. HCKR events are put on by communities, not institutions. They can take place at any place, at any time, and at any scale. And they’re already happening.

We built a turnkey solution for developers to host community events all over the world, with very cool swag.

HCKR is decentralization in action; events are developer-led and developer-run. With HCKR, we give developers the tools to create and grow communities and find new members where they already are. HCKR-branded events are already happening all over the world – at the first event in London, nearly 300 attendees got together to build more than 35 projects.
  • Event Design
  • Brand Design
  • Web Build
  • Community Management

We told you the swag was cool.


Web3 Strategy & Execution

Less tell, more show: We brought Web3 to Austin.

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