Shining a light on the best content from a global blockchain ecosystem.


A blockchain community needed a single editorial content channel to spotlight important ecosystem news. We designed, built and launched one from scratch.


We built a fully-featured content website entirely in-house, executing everything from design, to back-end implementation, to editorial strategy. We even wrote all the articles.


Decentralization has its advantages, but so does being able to find the information you need, all in one place. We designed Spotlight to be a virtual noticeboard for a decentralized ecosystem, showcasing original content from both our in-house editorial team, and across the wider Tezos community.

Tezos needed a single editorial channel to spotlight important ecosystem news. We designed, built and launched it in just 90 days.


We developed Spotlight as a content hub attached to the main domain, with an accompanying Twitter account. Aimed at a mass audience of developers and creatives, Spotlight was created to cut through the noise of a busy ecosystem, and highlight the most important and newsworthy developments happening on Tezos. Spotlight is published by a dedicated in-house editorial team of writers and blockchain experts at Blokhaus.

We launched Spotlight in September 2022 with more than 60 articles in the archive, and since then, new articles have been added to the site at an average rate of five per week. By the end of 2022, the Spotlight archive comprised almost 150 original articles, covering every aspect of the Tezos ecosystem, from fine art to finance.

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Event Strategy & Execution

An end-to-end custom conference for blockchain developers.

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