Galvanizing community and making it count. We grew Only Possible on Solana into a first-of-its-kind global campaign.


A global campaign celebrating what is truly only possible on Solana. From creative concept, art direction and copywriting, to building out a dynamic go-to-market organic and paid media strategy that drives to a KPI-focused landing page, this campaign became an authentic rallying cry from the community to the rest of the world.


Drawing on Solana's unique strengths of community and technology, we captured the spirit of 'Only Possible' through an engaging, multi-phase, cross-platform brand campaign. We curated a vibrant, interactive experience showcased in out-of-home placements at global events, seamlessly integrated into authentic conversations through community-owned assets, and optimized across paid digital channels.


These initiatives broadened Solana's reach and enhanced measurable consideration for developers, creators, and users to build on Solana. They also kindled a passion within the community, elevating ecosystem members to the center of the campaign as the most avid ambassadors.

We navigated the unique challenge of creating a memorable brand voice for a decentralized entity.

Solana stands out for its resilient brand and top-notch ecosystem of builders. Our approach aimed to amplify this voice to resonate across verticals strategically. We developed the Only Possible on Solana campaign from grassroots UGC to a campaign system that flexes for a global landscape of teams, users and developers building on Solana. The result: increased brand awareness and recognition across crucial audiences and a positive shift in global brand sentiment.
  • Brand Campaign
  • Web
  • Creative Direction
  • Supporting Content
  • Social

Celebrating a community-centric brand.

Creating a brand platform as diverse and influential as Solana’s community.

How do you connect with builders and users building the future of the web? You start by reaching them where they are. Only Possible on Solana is a campaign devised to elevate a community-led mantra that shifted people’s perception away from the noise and allowed them to focus on what is possible, today. This was a celebration of a fast-growing and thriving community-centric brand, a re-energizing of the ecosystem and a roll-out of one of the most polished and strategically deployed campaigns in the category to date. Rolling out over several months, the campaign flexed seamlessly between digital and OOH, interlacing micro-campaigns with broader reach tactics and event-specific activations that connected with users and builders around the globe.

Blokhaus devised the media strategy, creative, messaging and positioning in addition to building out the collateral that brought it all together in a measurable way. This allowed the master brand to pivot, flex, and optimize as the campaign evolved. As part of the campaign, Blokhaus prepared original renders, icon packs, animations, treatments, graphics, landing pages, event graphics and merchandise to make the initiative as impactful as possible. Blokhaus also produced a series of in-depth interviews with teams building on Solana, which were used on social and across key owned channels to celebrate and promote the community and brand ecosystem. These OPOS videos became a strong sub-campaign in their own right, supporting team storytelling around the globe.

Solana x Art Basel 2023

Web3 Strategy

We celebrated the thriving Solana artist ecosystem at the world’s biggest art fair.

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