Gojira Labs

We launched a gaming company with big ideas.


A pioneering studio developing games with its proprietary technology, the animatronic NFT.


We worked to deliver an authentic, vibrant and dynamic brand that speaks to gamers and tech-enthusiasts alike. Logo design, social assets, website and launch strategy – no sweat (no tears, maybe some blood).


Gojira Labs is revolutionizing the gaming landscape with animatronic NFTs – a new way to bring PFP collections to life. They needed a disruptive, game-changing brand identity to complement their bold vision. One that gamers would be proud to wear.

How do you appeal to gamers? A nod to the past, an eye on the future, and a next-level merch store.

With a stable of games already shaking up the blockchain gaming world, Gojira Labs is a studio making monsters happen. Their revolutionary tech, the animatronic NFT (aNFT), lets PFP owners bring their NFT to life. They’re already in use in several of their games built in-house, putting the player in control and delivering a play-for-fun blockchain gaming experience.
  • Brand Strategy
  • Comms & PR
  • Web Build
  • Brand Design
  • UX/UI Development
  • Social

Through a huge PR push and a grassroots campaign on Discord, we introduced gamers to the aNFT – and the response was electric.

We kicked off our collaboration with Gojira Labs by diving deep into the world of gaming to understand the transformational opportunities aNFTs open up for gamers and game developers. And what better way to introduce this groundbreaking tech? We knew we needed to create some monsters. Gooji, the cutest little monster you’ll ever meet, Bored Apes, Tezzardz, DeGods and more came to life across the site and social.

We powered up Gojira Labs’ brand with an epic launch. We’re talking meme and PFP-inspired posts across social platforms, along with features and coverage from industry-leading gaming publishers. This strategy amplified the brand’s visibility, attracted new fans, and fostered a passionate community around Gojira Labs and their innovative aNFT technology.

Tezos x Art Basel 2021-2022

Web3 Strategy & Execution

We brought blockchain to the world's biggest art fair for the first time.

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