Blokhaus built a media platform for experts to talk about the biggest ideas in emerging tech.


Glitchwire is a media platform that talks about all things tech with leaders in the space; it explores the idea that where there is glitch, there is growth. What happened that got us here? What went wrong? What went right, and where are we headed?


Blokhaus set out to craft a next-gen media brand and go-to-market strategy that included a podcast and bite-sized content for technologists everywhere – a platform and brand that didn’t view edge-case (emerging) tech as menacing, but instead embraced its potential without bias. Then, we tapped our Rolodex of tech leaders and asked them to discuss the big ideas across emerging tech.


We knew what this platform needed because our agency – comprised of technologists, marketers, strategists and creatives – was asking for it. We wanted more than the simple story of epic outcomes; we wanted the deets. We wanted the whole process, missteps and all.

Glitchwire can’t predict the future

but it can speak to the people building it.

Glitchwire is a media platform that brings the critical discourse surrounding emerging technologies – from blockchain to AI – into hyperfocus without bias. Designed to be accessible, educational and thought-provoking, Glitchwire cuts through the noise and asks the questions on everyone's minds: what really happened that landed you here?
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The point of Glitchwire is to have the tough conversations the world deserves: How will new technologies reshape society? And is the future we’re racing towards one that we want?

Glitchwire isn’t your typical tech podcast and media platform. It steers conversations away from what makes tech tick, and towards what it means for our lives. No hype, no jargon, just a critical look at how technologies like blockchain, AI, and the metaverse will catalyze evolution on an industrial and cultural scale. It’s not just about what tech can change, but how we might change along with it.

Drawing from a broad rolodex of movers in tech, Blokhaus brings together thinkers at the top of their fields to talk about what they are building and why it all matters. A diverse cast of people from different backgrounds and disciplines who could offer perspectives from every angle. The first season interviews include leaders from the Sui blockchain, Eleven Labs, Lightning AI, Animoca Brands, ňow media, and more. Every episode dives deep into a particular domain, peeling back the layers to reveal the big idea and understand the root of it all globally.

And while focusing on tech, Glitchwire’s voice is relentlessly human; tech stories crafted for everyone. The Blokhaus team built a brand around the idea that where there is glitch, there is growth. Slightly off-kilter colorways, a kitschy-but-catchy jingle and easter eggs throughout the brand look and feel.

The branding looks like how the Internet feels: a little bit of organized chaos and a little bit of razzle-dazzle – warm colorways and some low-fi graphics to keep the emerging tech vibes going. The branding drew inspiration from the idea of approval matrixes and the best of editorial wayfinding.

With Season One up on the airwaves and Season Two of the Glitchwire podcast in the works, 2024 will see us continue building its digital epicenter – a multimedia content hub comprising video, audio and editorials.


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